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 Information on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields 

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21.11.14: Extremely Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields Induce Developmental Toxicity and Apoptosis in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryos.
Liu X, Liu K, Miao W, Zhou C, Wu H (2014), Biol Trace Elem Res: in press

20.11.14: Assessment of nuclear abnormalities in exfoliated cells from the oral epithelium of mobile phone users.
da Cunha Menezes Souza L, de Moraes Marcilio Cerqueira E, Cardoso Meireles JR (2014), Electromagn Biol Med 33 (2): 98 - 102

19.11.14: Cell and cordless phone risk for glioma - Analysis of pooled case-control studies in Sweden, 1997-2003 and 2007-2009.
Hardell L, Carlberg M (2014), Pathophysiology: in press

18.11.14: Extremely low-frequency magnetic fields can impair spermatogenesis recovery after reversible testicular damage induced by heat.
Tenorio BM, Ferreira Filho MB, Jimenez GC, Morais RN, Peixoto CA, de Albuquerque Nogueira R, Silva Jr VA (2014), Electromagn Biol Med 33 (2): 139 - 146

14.11.14: Assessment of oxidant/antioxidant status in saliva of cell phone users.
Khalil AM, Abu Khadra KM, Aljaberi AM, Gagaa MH, Issa HS (2014), Electromagn Biol Med 33 (2): 92 - 97

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20.11.14: Distinct Epidermal Keratinocytes Respond to Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Differently.
Huang CY, Chuang CY, Shu WY, Chang CW, Chen CR, Fan TC, Hsu IC (2014), PLoS One 9 (11): e113424

19.11.14: Hsp70 is an independent stress marker among frequent users of mobile phones.
Balakrishnan K, Murali V, Rathika C, Manikandan T, Malini RP, Kumar RA, Krishnan M (2014), J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol 33 (4): 339 - 347

19.11.14: Work related etiology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS): a meta-analysis.
Capozzella A, Sacco C, Chighine A, Loreti B, Scala B, Casale T, Sinibaldi F, Tomei G, Giubilati R, Tomei F, Rosati MV (2014), Ann Ig 26 (5): 456 - 472

18.11.14: Impact of head morphology on local brain specific absorption rate from exposure to mobile phone radiation.
Adibzadeh F, Bakker JF, Paulides MM, Verhaart RF, van Rhoon GC (2014), Bioelectromagnetics: in press

18.11.14: Assessment of human body influence on exposure measurements of electric field in indoor enclosures.
de Miguel-Bilbao S, Garcia J, Ramos V, Blas J (2014), Bioelectromagnetics: in press

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