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 Information on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields 

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17.04.14: Absence of DNA damage after 60-Hz electromagnetic field exposure combined with ionizing radiation, hydrogen peroxide, or c-Myc overexpression.
Jin YB, Choi SH, Lee JS, Kim JK, Lee JW, Hong SC, Myung SH, Lee YS (2014), Radiat Environ Biophys 53 (1): 93 - 101

16.04.14: Occupational extremely low-frequency magnetic field exposure and selected cancer outcomes in a prospective Dutch cohort.
Koeman T, van den Brandt PA, Slottje P, Schouten LJ, Goldbohm RA, Kromhout H, Vermeulen R (2014), Cancer Causes Control 25 (2): 203 - 214

11.04.14: Effects of olive leave extract on metabolic disorders and oxidative stress induced by 2.45 GHz WIFI signals.
Salah MB, Abdelmelek H, Abderraba M (2013), Environ Toxicol Pharmacol 36 (3): 826 - 834

11.04.14: Mobile phone use and risk of intracranial tumors: A consistency analysis
Lagorio S, Röösli M (2014), Bioelectromagnetics 35 (2): 79 - 90

08.04.14: Exposure to Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields From Broadcast Transmitters and Risk of Childhood Cancer: A Census-based Cohort Study.
Hauri DD, Spycher B, Huss A, Zimmermann F, Grotzer M, Von der Weid N, Spoerri A, Kuehni CE, Röösli M (2014), Am J Epidemiol 179 (7): 843 - 851

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17.04.14: Do people understand IARC's 2B categorization of RF fields from cell phones?
Wiedemann PM, Boerner FU, Repacholi MH (2014), Bioelectromagnetics: in press

15.04.14: On-body calibration and processing for a combination of two radio-frequency personal exposimeters.
Thielens A, Agneessens S, Verloock L, Tanghe E, Rogier H, Martens L, Joseph W (2014), Radiat Prot Dosimetry: in press

15.04.14: Effects of exposure to an extremely low frequency electromagnetic field on hippocampal long-term potentiation in rat.
Komaki A, Khalili A, Salehi I, Shahidi S, Sarihi A (2014), Brain Res: in press

14.04.14: iPad2(R) Use in Patients With Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators Causes Electromagnetic Interference: The EMIT Study.
Kozik TM, Chien G, Connolly TF, Grewal GS, Liang D, Chien W (2014), J Am Heart Assoc 3 (2): e000746

14.04.14: Comparisons of Responses by Planarian to Micromolar to Attomolar Dosages of Morphine or Naloxone and/or Weak Pulsed Magnetic Fields: Revealing Receptor Subtype Affinities and Nonspecific Effects.
Murugan NJ, Persinger MA (2014), Int J Radiat Biol: in press

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