Study type: Law/recommendation/guideline

[Applications of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) for non-medical purposes on humans]. guideline

Anwendungen elektrischer, magnetischer und elektromagnetischer Felder (EMF) zu nichtmedizinischen Zwecken am Menschen.

German Commission on Radiological Protection (SSK)
2019, Empfehlung der Strahlenschutzkommission: 1-65


The recommendation includes the evaluation of the most common types of EMF devices or applications (including static fields) in humans for non-medical purposes. The main evaluation criteria are the biological effect thresholds achieved in the applications, i.e. those field strengths or SAR values in the tissue above which biological effects can be detected. The thresholds above which a health risk cannot be excluded are also important. In addition, this recommendation specifies the technical requirements for the personnel who use the equipment on humans.

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