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Authors Year Study type Study group Observation period Study location Endpoints Parameters
Abad M et al. 2016 cross-sectional study women, 18–35 years not stated Iran abortion mobile phone, mobile phone base station, GSM, UMTS, mobile communications, W-LAN/WiFi, Radio/TV transmitter, TV broadcast (VHF/UHF), FM broadcast (UKW)
Abramson MJ et al. 2009 cross-sectional study children, 11–14 years 2005 - 2006 Australia cognitive function (signal detection, working memory, simple learning, associative learning, movement monitoring/estimation, Stroop test) mobile communications, digital mobile phone, personal
Al-Bayyari N 2017 - - - - - mobile communications, mobile phone
Al-Chalabi SS et al. 2011 - - - - - mobile phone, mobile communications
Al-Khlaiwi TM et al. 2020 - - - - - mobile communications, mobile phone
Al-Quzwini OF et al. 2016 - - - - - mobile communications, mobile phone base station
Arns M et al. 2007 preliminary study men, women not given USA brain function, neuropsychological performance, and personality mobile communications, digital mobile phone, personal
Augner C et al. 2009 survey men, women, 18–67 years not stated Austria electromagnetic hypersensitivity, EMF-health concerns; biological parameters alpha-amylase, cortisol, immunoglobulin A, and substance P mobile phone base station, mobile communications, residential
Baby NM et al. 2017 - - - - - mobile communications, mobile phone
Baste V et al. 2015 cohort study men, women, children in utero 1999 - 2009 Norway congenital malformation, perinatal mortality, low birth weight, preterm birth, small for gestational age, abruptio placentae, sex ratio, preeclampsia mobile phone, mobile communications