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Authors Year Study type Study group Observation period Study location Endpoints Parameters
Radwan M et al. 2016 - men, 22–45 years 2008 - 2011 Poland sperm damage (DNA fragmentation) mobile phone, mobile communications, personal
Zothansiama et al. 2017 - men, women - India DNA damage and antioxidants in peripheral blood lymphocytes mobile communications, mobile phone base station, residential
Schauer I et al. 2018 - men 1993 - 2007 Austria sperm concentration, motility, and morphology, testosterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone levels mobile communications, mobile phone, analog mobile phone, digital mobile phone
Martens AL et al. 2018 - men 2011 - 2012, follow-up 2015 Netherlands sleep disturbances, non-specific health symptoms, respiratory symptoms mobile communications, mobile phone base station, GSM, UMTS, Radio/TV transmitter, also other exposures without EMF, residential
Shi X et al. 2018 - men - China semen quality mobile phone, mobile communications
Al-Bayyari N 2017 - men 2015 - 2016 Jordan semen quality and fertility mobile communications, mobile phone
Sudan M et al. 2018 - children, children in utero, 4–6 years - Denmark, Spain, Korea cognitive function mobile communications, mobile phone
Martens AL et al. 2018 - men, women, 31–65 years 2011 - 2012, follow-Up in 2013 and 2014 Netherlands non-specific somatic symptoms such as headaches, low back pain and dizziness, others mobile communications, mobile phone base station, Radio/TV transmitter
Zarei S et al. 2019 - women, children, children in utero, 3–7 years 2016 Iran speech problems mobile communications, mobile phone, mobile phone base station, W-LAN/WiFi, cordless phone, power transmission line, PC/TV monitor, also other exposures without EMF
Palal D et al. 2019 - men, women 2015 India hypertension mobile phone, mobile communications