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Authors Year Exposed system Endpoints Frequency range SAR Exposure duration Parameters
Sarookhani MR et al. 2011 animal, rabbit/New Zealand White, whole body serum levels of testosterone, follicle stimulating hormone and cortisol 950 MHz - 2 h/day for two weeks mobile phone, mobile communications
Prochnow N et al. 2011 animal, rat/Wistar albino, partial body: head (brain) release of stress hormones (corticosterone and ACTH), long-term depression, long-term potentiation 2 GHz 2–10 W/kg continuous for 2 h mobile phone, UMTS, mobile communications
Meo SA et al. 2010 animal, rat/Wistar albino, whole body serum testosterone content - - continuous for 30 min./day for 3 months mobile phone, digital mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications
Augner C et al. 2010 human, whole body levels of salivary alpha-amylase, immunoglobulin A, and cortisol (as stress and immunological parameters) 900 MHz - five times 50 minutes (five sessions) mobile communications, mobile phone base station, GSM
Yamashita H et al. 2010 animal, rat/Sprague-Dawley, partial body: head serum 17β-estradiol level and estrogenic activity (uterus weight) 1,439 MHz 0.88–6.1 W/kg continuous for 4 hr/day on 3 consecutive days mobile phone, TDMA, mobile communications
Mortazavi S et al. 2009 human, whole body serum concentrations of hormones - - - mobile phone, mobile phone base station, GSM, mobile communications
Aghdam Shahryar H et al. 2008 animal, Syrian hamster (<i>Mesocricetus auratus</i>), whole body testosterone and cortisol level 950 MHz - continuous for 1 h/day on 10 or 50 days mobile phone, mobile communications
Djeridane Y et al. 2008 human, partial body: consistent one side of the head hormone levels 900 MHz 0.3 W/kg repeated daily exposure, 2 h/day, 5 days/week, for 4 weeks digital mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications
Forgacs Z et al. 2006 intact cell/cell culture, mouse Leydig cell preparation, animal, mouse/NMRI - 1,800 MHz 0.018–0.023 W/kg continuous for 2 h/day, 5 days/week for 2 weeks digital mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications, microwaves, PW pulsed wave
Koyu A et al. 2005 animal, rat/Sprague-Dawley, whole body content of TSH and thyroid hormones 900 MHz 2 W/kg repeated daily exposure, 30 min/day, 5 days/week for 4 weeks mobile communications
Nakamura H et al. 2003 animal, rat/Wistar, whole body utero-placental blood flow, endocrine changes, effects on immunological system 915 MHz 0.4–2 W/kg continuous for 90 min mobile communications, mobile phone, microwaves
Wenzel C et al. 2002 animal, cow, whole body salivary cortisol levels as indicator of stress 900 MHz–1.8 GHz - continuous GSM, mobile communications
Braune S et al. 2002 human, partial body: head/right blood pressure; heart rate, hormonal parameters (changes in hormone levels) 900 MHz 0.5–0.84 W/kg continuous for 50 min GSM, mobile communications
Bastide M et al. 2001 animal, chicken embryos (eggs) and chicks, mouse/C57BL/6 j RJ, whole body cancer in mice, hormone levels in chicken and mice, antibody levels in chicken, mortality in chicken embryos 900 MHz - continuous for up to 15 weeks mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications, magnetic field, low frequency, 50/60 Hz, PC/TV monitor, shielding/field deprivation
de Seze R et al. 2001 human, partial body: head (left or right side) effects on nervous system, auditory system, and endocrine system 900 MHz - continuous for 1 h mobile communications, digital mobile phone, GSM, microwaves
Radon K et al. 2001 human, partial body: head levels of salivary melatonin, cortisol, neopterin, and immunoglobulin A 900 MHz 0.025 W/kg continuous for 4 h digital mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications
Mann K et al. 1998 human, partial body: head hormone secretion 900 MHz - continuous for 8 h digital mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications