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Authors Year Exposed system Endpoints Frequency range SAR Exposure duration Parameters
Gustavino B et al. 2016 plant, broad bean (<i>Vicia faba</i> L.) (seedlings), whole body micronuclei in secondary root tips 915 MHz 0.4–1.6 W/kg continuous for 72 hours mobile phone, mobile communications, CW continuous wave
Haghani M et al. 2013 - - 900 MHz - - mobile communications, mobile phone, co-exposure
Halgamuge MN et al. 2015 plant, seedlings of soy plants (<i>&#71;lycine max</i>) growth of soybean seedlings 900 MHz 0.48 µW/kg–20 mW/kg continuous for 2 hours mobile phone, mobile phone base station, GSM, mobile communications, CW continuous wave, PW pulsed wave
Hansen V et al. 1996 DNA/RNA, bacterium, virus/bacteriophages, <i>Escherichia coli</i>/WP2, WP2uvrA, W575 effects on biological material (enzyme activity, survival of bacteriophages, and DNA damage) 900 MHz 11.75–87 mW/kg continuous for about 100 days or about 30 days GSM, mobile communications
Hashemipour MS et al. 2014 human - - - - mobile phone, mobile communications
Hirose H et al. 2008 intact cell/cell culture, BALB/3T3 cells (clone A31-1-1) malignant/neoplastic cell transformation 2.1425 GHz 80–800 mW/kg continuous for 6 weeks mobile phone base station, CDMA, mobile communications
Huttunen P et al. 2012 human, whole body - 0 Hz–2,500 MHz - not specified in the article GSM, mobile communications, RF field, TV broadcast (VHF/UHF), FM broadcast (UKW)
Hässig M et al. 2009 animal, calf, whole body effects on eye (nuclear cataract; oxidative stress) - - continuous for 1 year mobile communications, mobile phone base station, GSM, UMTS
Hässig M et al. 2015 - - - - - mobile communications, RF field, wireless transmitter, electric field, magnetic field, intermediate frequency, touch current, 50/60 Hz, power transmission line, 16 2/3 Hz (train), other domestic appliance
Irlenbusch L et al. 2007 human, partial body: head effects on the visual system 902.4 MHz 0.003–0.007 W/kg continuous for 30 min digital mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications