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Authors Year Exposed system Endpoints Frequency range SAR Exposure duration Parameters
Jin YB et al. 2011 animal, rat/Sprague-Dawley, whole body chronic illness (body and organ weights, urinalysis, haematological and blood biochemical analysis, histopathological changes) 849 MHz–1.95 GHz 2 W/kg continuous for 45 min/day, 5 days/week for 12 months CDMA, W-CDMA, mobile communications
Yoon SY et al. 2011 intact cell/cell culture, human scalp hair follicle preparations (of three individuals), human dermal papilla cells (hDPC), NIH3T3 cells (mouse fibroblasts), C2C12 cells (undifferentiated myoblasts and differentiated myotubes), HeLa cell line (human adenocarcinoma cell line), OSE-80PC hair growth <i>in vitro</i> and <i>ex vivo</i> 1,763 MHz 2–10 W/kg continuous for 1 h or 3 h CDMA, mobile communications, RF field
Sagioglou NE et al. 2016 - - 100–900 MHz - - GSM, TETRA/TETRAPOL, mobile communications, RF field, FM frequency modulation, CW continuous wave, Radio/TV transmitter, FM broadcast (UKW)
Paredi P et al. 2001 human, partial body: head skin temperature, NO, and nasal resistence 900 MHz - 30 min GSM, mobile communications
Hansen V et al. 1996 DNA/RNA, bacterium, virus/bacteriophages, <i>Escherichia coli</i>/WP2, WP2uvrA, W575 effects on biological material (enzyme activity, survival of bacteriophages, and DNA damage) 900 MHz 11.75–87 mW/kg continuous for about 100 days or about 30 days GSM, mobile communications
Aksen F et al. 2004 animal, rat/Sprague-Dawley, whole body rectal temperature, T1 relaxation time; serum concentration of trace elements 890–915 MHz 290 µW/g repeated daily exposure, 20 min/day, 7 days a week for 1 month GSM, mobile communications
Panagopoulos DJ et al. 2004 invertebrate, <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i>, whole body reproductive capacity 900 MHz - repeated daily exposure, 6 min/day for 5 days GSM, mobile communications
Weisbrot D et al. 2003 invertebrate, <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i>/Oregon-R, whole body different biological effects on <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i> 1,900 MHz 1.4 W/kg repeated daily exposure, 2 times 60 min with a 4-h interval, for 10 days GSM, mobile communications
Panagopoulos DJ et al. 2003 invertebrate, <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i>/Oregon-R, whole body reproductive capacity and malformations of the eggs in the ovaries 50 Hz - continuous for 5 days GSM, mobile communications, PW pulsed wave, electric field, magnetic field, low frequency, signals/pulses, 50/60 Hz, co-exposure
Beyer C et al. 2014 isolated bio./chem. substance, GrpE protein protein conformation 0.1 GHz - intermittent for up to 2 hours (different on/off cycles) GSM, mobile communications, RF field