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Authors Year Exposed system Endpoints Frequency range SAR Exposure duration Parameters
Mady MM et al. 2012 artifical biological membranes in aqueous solutions (phospholipids; dipalmitoylphosphatidycholine (DPPC)) structural and functional properties of liposomes 950 MHz - continuous for 1 and 2 hours mobile phone, mobile communications, RF field, microwaves
Mall P et al. 2014 - - 900 MHz - - mobile phone, mobile phone base station, GSM
Manta AK et al. 2017 - - 1,800 MHz - - mobile phone, mobile communications, GSM
Margaritis LH et al. 2014 invertebrate, <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i>/Oregon-R (wildtype) and <i>Drosophila virilis</i> reproduction of <i>Drosophila spec.</i> (apoptosis in follicles; quantification of F1 pupae) 27.15 MHz 1.2 W/kg 6 or 12 minutes daily for 1 (3rd day of experiment only), or 3 days (<i>D. virilis</i>) (follicles); 6 minutes daily for 7 days (<i>D. virilis</i>) (F1 pupae) mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications, CW continuous wave, Bluetooth, DECT, W-LAN/WiFi, FM broadcast (UKW), microw. oven/heating device
Meo SA et al. 2013 animal, rat/Wistar albino, whole body insulin level in serum, fasting blood glucose level 1,800 MHz - less than 15 min/day for 3 month mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications
Meral I et al. 2007 animal, guinea pig, whole body different blood vitamin levels, oxidative stress in the brain 890–915 MHz 0.95 W/kg continuous for 12 h/day (11 h 45 min stand-by mode, 15 min speaking mode) on 30 days mobile communications, mobile phone, RF field
Mortazavi S et al. 2013 animal, mouse/BALB/c and rat/Wistar, whole body survival rate 900 MHz - mice: 6 h/day for 5 days; rats: 6 h/day for 6 days (or 4 days?, contradictory information) mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications, co-exposure
Mortazavi SM et al. 2014 animal, mouse/BALB/c, partial body: head survival rate of mice - 1.4 W/kg continuous for 2 hours/day for 3 days mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications, co-exposure
Mortazavi SM et al. 2015 isolated organ, isolated gastrocnemius muscles, frog, animal, frog, whole body - - - - mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications
Mortazavi SMJ et al. 2011 animal, rat/Sprague-Dawley - 900–1,800 MHz - 2 times 3 h/day for 4 days mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications, microwaves, PW pulsed wave, also other exposures without EMF, co-exposure