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Authors Year Exposed system Endpoints Frequency range SAR Exposure duration Parameters
Terao Y et al. 2007 human, partial body: head (right ear) effects on eye (cortical processing/saccade performance) 800 MHz 0.054 W/kg continuous for 30 min digital mobile phone, TDMA, mobile communications
Yan JG et al. 2009 animal, rat/Sprague-Dawley, whole body mRNA synthesis (gene expression) of several injury-associated proteins 800 MHz 0.9–1.8 W/kg 2 times 3 hr / day (with 30 min rest period between exposures), on 7 days/week for 18 weeks mobile communications, mobile phone, analog mobile phone, digital mobile phone, CDMA
Kafi ST et al. 2014 - - 800–1,000 MHz - - mobile communications, mobile phone base station
Akhavan-Sigari R et al. 2014 human, partial body: head relationship between <i>p53</i> expression, <i>p53</i> mutations, survival time and cell phone usage 800–1,900 MHz 0.66–1.53 W/kg repeated daily exposure of less than 3 hours mobile phone, mobile communications
Lee KS et al. 2008 invertebrate, <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i>/<i>Oregon-R</i>, wild type, <i>Actin5C-Gal4</i>, <i>UAS-SOD1IR</i>, and <i>UAS-SOD2IR</i>, whole body survival rate of <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i> 835 MHz 1.6–4 W/kg continuous for 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 h mobile communications, mobile phone
Roti Roti JL et al. 2001 intact cell/cell culture, C3H 10T1/2 cells (derived from mouse embryo fibroblasts) neoplastic transformation 835.62 MHz 0.6 W/kg continuous for 7 or 42 days mobile communications, CDMA, FDMA
Kang KA et al. 2014 intact cell/cell culture, NIH3T3 cells (mouse fibroblasts), U87 (human glioma cells), PC12 (rat pheochromocytoma cells), SH-SY5Y (human neuroblastoma cells) cell viability, oxidative stress 837–1,950 MHz 2 W/kg continuous for 2 hours mobile phone, CDMA, W-CDMA, mobile communications, co-exposure
Park J et al. 2018 - - 837–1,950 MHz - - mobile phone, CDMA, W-CDMA, mobile communications, RF field
Jin YB et al. 2011 animal, rat/Sprague-Dawley, whole body chronic illness (body and organ weights, urinalysis, haematological and blood biochemical analysis, histopathological changes) 849 MHz–1.95 GHz 2 W/kg continuous for 45 min/day, 5 days/week for 12 months CDMA, W-CDMA, mobile communications
Bilgici B et al. 2013 animal, rat/Wistar, whole body oxidative stress in brain and serum 850–950 MHz 1.08 W/kg continuous for 1 h/day for 3 weeks mobile phone, mobile communications, co-exposure