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Authors Year Exposed system Endpoints Frequency range SAR Exposure duration Parameters
Soran ML et al. 2014 plant, parsley (<i>Petroselinum crispum</i>), dill (<i>Anethum graveolens</i>), celery (<i>Apium graveolens</i>), whole body effects on plants: leaf anatomy, etheric oil content and volatile emissions 860–910 MHz - continuous for 3 weeks GSM, mobile communications, W-LAN/WiFi
Geronikolou S et al. 2014 invertebrate, <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i>/Oregon R (adults and pupae), whole body quantity of oviposition 864.1–868.1 MHz 0.7–5 mW/kg continuous for 20 min/day for 5 days mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications, cordless phone
Kowalczuk C et al. 2010 intact cell/cell culture, tissue slices, cell suspensions, IMR 32 (human neuroblastoma cells), G361 (human melanoma cells), HF-19 (human fibroblasts), N2a (murine neuroblastoma cells; differentiated and non-differentiated); CHO (Chinese hamster ovary) cells demodulation ability of living cells and tissues (second harmonic generation) 880–890 MHz 2.5–10.6 mW/g < 10 minutes (typically, a second harmonic test took around 2-3 min.) mobile phone, mobile communications, RF field, CW continuous wave
Dasdag S et al. 1999 animal, rat/Wistar, whole body testicular function, histological changes of different organs 890–915 MHz 0.141 W/kg repeated daily exposure for 2 h/day for 1 month GSM, mobile communications, microwaves
Dasdag S et al. 2000 animal, rat/Wistar, whole body birth weight, blood parameters 890–915 MHz 0.155 W/kg repeated daily exposure for 3 x 1 min during 2 h/day, see add. information GSM, mobile communications, microwaves
Aksen F et al. 2004 animal, rat/Sprague-Dawley, whole body rectal temperature, T1 relaxation time; serum concentration of trace elements 890–915 MHz 290 µW/g repeated daily exposure, 20 min/day, 7 days a week for 1 month GSM, mobile communications
Meral I et al. 2007 animal, guinea pig, whole body different blood vitamin levels, oxidative stress in the brain 890–915 MHz 0.95 W/kg continuous for 12 h/day (11 h 45 min stand-by mode, 15 min speaking mode) on 30 days mobile communications, mobile phone, RF field
Pesnya DS et al. 2013 plant, <i>Allium ceps</i> (bulbs) - 890–915 MHz 1.4 W/kg continuous for 3 h/day on 3 days digital mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications, PW pulsed wave, also other exposures without EMF, co-exposure
Dasdag S et al. 2014 animal, rat/Wistar albino, partial body: head enamel micro hardness 890–915 MHz 0.0369–2.023 W/kg continuous for 2 hours/d for 10 months mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications
Paredi P et al. 2001 human, partial body: head skin temperature, NO, and nasal resistence 900 MHz - 30 min GSM, mobile communications