Study overviews

Experimental studies on static electric fields

143 studies in total
  1. 91 studies
  2. 61 studies
  3. 12 studies
  4. 9 studies
  5. 6 studies
  6. 4 studies
Authors Year Exposed system Endpoints Parameters Electric field strength
Griffin M et al. 2011 intact cell/cell culture, human mesenchymal stem cells - magnetic field, static electric field, low frequency, signals/pulses, electric current application, DC, electrotherapy 10 V/m
Picton HD 1966 invertebrate, <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i> - static magnetic field, static electric field 3 V/cm
Edwards DK 1960 invertebrate, <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i> and <i>Calliphora vicina</i> - static electric field, touch current 10–65.7 kV/m
Levengood WC et al. 1960 invertebrate, <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i>/wild-type and ehite eye mutant, whole body - static electric field, also other exposures without EMF, co-exposure -
Maw MG 1961 invertebrate, Ichneumonidae (<i>Scambus buolianae</i>), whole body - static electric field, shielding/field deprivation 0.8–1.2 V/cm
Cammaerts MC et al. 2014 invertebrate, ant (<i>Myrmica sabuleti</i>) and (<i>Myrmica ruginodis</i>) motor activity of ants mobile phone, GSM, mobile communications, RF field, DECT, W-LAN/WiFi, static electric field, PC/TV monitor -
Jackson CW et al. 2011 invertebrate, cockroach (<i>Periplaneta americana</i>) - static electric field, DC -
Schua L 1954 invertebrate, honeybee - static electric field, touch current, DC -
Greggers U et al. 2013 invertebrate, honeybee (<i>Apis mellifera</i> L.) - electric field, static electric field, signals/pulses, 50/60 Hz, low frequency -
Hüsing JO et al. 1960 invertebrate, honeybee (<i>Apis mellifica</i> L.) - electric field, static electric field, 50/60 Hz 50–270 V/cm