Study overviews

Experimental studies on static electric fields

149 studies in total
  1. 93 studies
  2. 66 studies
  3. 13 studies
  4. 9 studies
  5. 6 studies
  6. 5 studies
Authors Year Exposed system Endpoints Parameters Electric field strength
Altmann G 1969 animal, invertebrate, mouse/white, bird/budgerigar and zebra finch, guinea pig, frog/<i>Rana esculenta</i>, fish/goldfish, locust/<i>Locusta migratoria</i>, whole body - electric field, static electric field, signals/pulses, electric current application 420–2,100 V/m
Altmann G 1959 invertebrate, honeybee, American cockroach (Periplaneta americana), Indian stick insect (Carausius morosus), wasp (Vespa germanica) - static electric field 1,400–2,800 V/m
Altmann G 1968 animal, invertebrate, mouse/white, bird/budgerigar, guinea pig, frog/<i>Rana esculenta</i>, fish/goldfish and guppy and zebrafisch, locust/<i>Locusta migratoria</i>, whole body - static electric field, signals/pulses, touch current 2,000–2,100 V/m
Altmann G 1962 animal, invertebrate, honeybee, guinea pig, goldfish, whole body - static electric field, electric current application 420–2,800 V/m
Angell RF et al. 1990 animal, beef cattle, whole body - static electric field, DC, power transmission line, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) 5.6 kV/m
Atalay NS et al. 1995 animal, guinea pig, whole body - static electric field, DC 0.58 kV/m
Atungulu G et al. 2003 plant, apple - static electric field -
Atungulu G et al. 2004 plant, apple - static electric field -
Bachman CH et al. 1973 plant, barley leaves - static electric field 100–200 kV/m
Barron CI et al. 1964 human, whole body - static electric field, co-exposure 1,000 V/m