ICNIRP note on revision of RF guidelines

Posted on 12/12/17

ICNIRP’s current guidelines for the high-frequency (100 kHz – 300 GHz) range have been under revision since 2014, and a public consultation version of the updated guidelines is expected within the first half of 2018. Given this timing, ICNIRP has been asked whether, in the interim period, the current guidelines can still be considered as protective. ICNIRP now replied that the anticipated exposure limit changes are very small and thus the current guidelines remain protective. However, if aspects should be discovered that are not sufficiently protective during the remainder of the revision process, ICNIRP will immediately publish interim amendments that would remain in force until the revised guidelines are published.

The original statement can be found on the ICNIRP website, where further updates on the high-frequency guidelines revision process will be published as well.