Systematic review on intermediate frequency fields: BfS departmental research report published

Posted on 8/9/18

Within the framework of a project funded by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), femu in cooperation with Seibersdorf Labor GmbH has conducted a systematic review entitled “Exposure and effects of electromagnetic fields of novel technologies in the intermediate frequency range - systematic review - Project 3616S82437”. The report consists of three parts: Part 1 describes the sources of electromagnetic fields in the intermediate frequency range as well as documented exposures and immissions, part 2 deals with the possible biological effects of intermediate frequency fields and part 3 examines possible electromagnetic interference of electronic implants. The review has now been published as a departmental research report in DORIS, the online database of BfS, and is available for free and public download (in German only; an English summary is to be added).