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[Protection against electric and magnetic fields of electric power supply and application. Recommendation by the German Commission on Radiological Protection]. guideline

Schutz vor elektrischen und magnetischen Feldern der elektrischen Energieversorgung und -anwendung. Empfehlung der Strahlenschutzkommission.

Published in: Baldauf D; Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) (ed.): [Empfehlungen und Stellungnahmen der Strahlenschutzkommission 2008]. Veröffentlichungen der Strahlenschutzkommission vol. 67. Berlin: Hoffmann, 2011: 1-48, ISBN 978-3-87344-167-5


The recommendation is an update of the recommendation for protection against extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields of energy supply and distribution based on recently published scientific studies with respect to the development of energy supply and use.

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