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The EMF-Portal is very costly to run. Every day we search for new relevant articles which relate to the effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. We look in scientific databases (e.g. Medline/Pubmed and IEEE Explore), in journals which are not listed, in reference lists of relevant articles and in international internet forums. We categorize all articles according to specific themes or subjects. The classification comprises the exposed system (human beings, animals, cells), the investigated endpoint and the frequency range including the field source (overhead power line, mobile phone, domestic electric appliance). This procedure enables us to perform very precise searches for articles on specific topics or frequency ranges. In addition, we offer to process individual search requests adapted to the user's needs.

Depending on the current financial support, we provide summaries of single experimental and epidemiological studies in German and English free of charge. This enables people who are not scientists to inform themselves about the contents of individual international studies from scientific journals, mostly published in English.

For the ongoing scientific work of the EMF-Portal we have to have a highly qualified team of engineers, medical professionals, epidemiologists and biologists. They have all to be intimately familiar with the effects of electromagnetic fields. Furthermore, in order to run the EMF-Portal effectively, it has to have the appropriate IT infrastructure management. Since the opening of the EMF-Portal, the IT infrastructure has grown and developed and new technical innovations have been adapted into the system. Therefore, we need an IT specialist.


In the past, along with the RWTH Aachen University und the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, various other sponsors have supported the EMF-Portal. Especially in the last 10 years, support has come exclusively from German institutions. However, because the debate in Germany about electromagnetic fields in the radio frequency area has greatly decreased, unfortunately we no longer have the same financial resources at our disposal as in previous years.

We can therefore no longer import new articles about radio frequency and mobile communications and hope that in the future we will be able to find a solution.


If you have found the EMF-Portal useful and wish to support us, we will be very happy to accept your donation! You can support the EMF-Portal in various ways, for example through a one-off donation, through regular donations or with a benefit event in favor of the EMF-Portal.

Provided we have your address and the correct bank details you will receive a donation receipt which you can use on your tax return as a valid deduction. If you do not receive a reply from us, please give us your correct address so that we can send you the donation receipt.

If you too would like to contribute to ensuring that the current knowledge on the effects of electromagnetic fields can be made available completely and independently, then support us with your donation!