The literature database on the electrophysiological research and on clinical studies on the effects of current flow in human bodies was established in a project (start in December 2012) funded by the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Energy, Textile, Electrical, and Media Products Sectors (BG ETEM) and embedded in the EMF-Portal. The literature database comprises a very heterogeneous area of topics with publications on electrical injuries, experimental studies on the mechanisms of action of current flow, dosimetric studies, publications on therapeutic applications of electric current (electric stimulation) and publications on electrocution of animals. Case studies and clinical studies on electrical injuries are available in the topic ‘electrical injuries’ in the EMF-Portal (see Literature search). You can find other study types (e.g. “Experimental studies”, “Reviews, surveys, and summaries” and “Laws, recommendations, guidelines”) in combination with the keyword “electrical injuries” and the application type “current” in the frequency range.