Study type: Law/recommendation/guideline

[Microdosimetry - RF: Biological relevance of energy deposition in the microscopic range by mobile phone fields. Statement by the German Commission on Radiological Protection]. guideline

Mikrodosimetrie - HF: Biologische Relevanz der Energiedeposition im mikroskopischen Bereich durch Felder des Mobilfunks. Stellungnahme der Strahlenschutzkommission.

German Commission on Radiological Protection (SSK)
2009: 1-15


The aim is to clarify whether, in addition to the macroscopic and well-studied effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, there are also effects on the microscopic scale (< 1 mm³) that may appear, for example, as localized and time-limited heating, and thus could possibly result in specific effects at the level of molecules, membranes, cell components or cells.

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