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[Railway applications - Fixed installations - Electrical safety, earthing and the return circuit - Part 1: Protective provisions against electric shock; German version EN 50122-1:2011 + A1:2011; DIN EN 50122-1(VDE0115-3):2011-09 (corrected)]. guideline

Bahnanwendungen - Ortsfeste Anlagen - Elektrische Sicherheit, Erdung und Rückleitung - Teil 1: Schutzmaßnahmen gegen elektrischen Schlag; Deutsche Fassung EN 50122-1:2011 + A1:2011; DIN EN 50122-1(VDE0115-3):2011-09 (berichtigt).

German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in DIN and VDE (DKE)


This standard gives the requirements for protective provisions regarding electrical safety in fixed installations, which are connected with alternating and/or direct current railway power supply systems and in all installation which can be endangerded by power supply systems of electric railways. It includes also all fixed installations which are neccessary to provide electrical safety during maintenance work at electric railway power supply systems.

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