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Hypersensitivity/well-being/subjective complaints 103 studies in total

Authors Year Study type Study group Observation period Study location Endpoints Parameters
Cao X et al. 2022 meta-analysis - - - glioma, thyroid cancer, headache, ADHD, dry eye disease, damage to the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier, serum S100B protein level mobile communications, mobile phone, also other exposures without EMF
Cabré-Riera A et al. 2022 - children, 9–12 years not stated the Netherlands and Spain problems with initiating and maintaining sleep, excessive somnolence, sleep arousal problems, sleep quality, restfulness, total sleep time, sleep efficiency, sleep onset latency and wake after sleep onset mobile communications, mobile phone, mobile phone base station, RF field, DECT, Radio/TV transmitter, W-LAN/WiFi, laptop/tablet
Tatoń G et al. 2022 - men, women 2018 - 2020 Poland electromagnetic hypersensitivity mobile communications, mobile phone, mobile phone base station, power transmission line, other domestic appliance, low frequency, EMF general, laptop/tablet
Al-Khlaiwi T et al. 2021 - men, women 2019 - 2020 Saudi Arabia sleep quality, fatigue mobile communications, mobile phone
Owolabi J et al. 2021 - men, women not stated Nigeria sleep disturbances, behavioral disorder, confusion, poor mental health, headache, attention deficit, fatigue/tiredness mobile communications, mobile phone, W-LAN/WiFi, RF field, laptop/tablet
Tyagi A et al. 2021 - men, women, 15–75 years not stated India sleep disturbances, headache, eye strain/itchy eyes, hearing loss/tinnitus, obesity, shortness of temper, decreased attention, musculoskeletal problems, depression, anxiety, discomfort in face to face communication, smartphone addiction mobile communications, mobile phone
Taziki Balajelini MH et al. 2021 - men, women, children - Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain und Brazil hearing impairment mobile communications, mobile phone
Çöl N et al. 2021 - women, children in utero, 0–5 years - Turkey bedtime resistance, nighttime waking, waking up crying, difficulties in falling asleep, and mean sleep duration at nighttime and day- time mobile communications, mobile phone, mobile phone base station, microw. oven/heating device, W-LAN/WiFi, other domestic appliance, residential
İkinci Keleş A et al. 2021 - men, women, 18–24 years 2019 Turkey total sleep time, early or late sleep latency, frequent nocturnal awakening and feeling tired upon waking, health problems (e.g., reddening and warming of the ear, reddening and warming in the face, nausea, altered heart rhythm, fainting, short-term hearing loss, inability to focus) and general symptoms (headache, dizziness, lack of concentration, learning difficulty or increased learning, forgetfulness) mobile phone, mobile communications
López I et al. 2021 - men, women 2019 Spain sleep duration, time to fall asleep, nightmares, headache, dizziness, fainting, tachycardia and tiredness mobile communications, mobile phone base station, UMTS, GSM, CDMA, LTE, DECT, RF field, Bluetooth, W-LAN/WiFi