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Authors Year Study type Study group Observation period Study location Endpoints Parameters
Saravi FD 2011 cross-sectional study men not stated Argentina bone mineralization in the left and right hip mobile communications, mobile phone, personal
Bortkiewicz A et al. 2012 cross-sectional study men, women, ≥ 18 years not stated Poland headache, impaired memory, dermal changes, depression, fatigue, irritation, circulatory systoms, vertigo, mental discomfort, visual disorders, hearing problems, loss of appetite, nausea, sleep disturbances, health status mobile communications, mobile phone base station, residential
Ros-Llor I et al. 2012 cohort study men, women, 20–39 years not stated Spain DNA damage and cytokinetic defects (micronuclei and binucleated cells), proliferation, and cell death in oral mucosal cells mobile phone, mobile communications, personal
Mortazavi SM et al. 2013 - women, children in utero, newborns not stated Iran birth weight mobile phone, mobile communications, cordless phone, PC/TV monitor, personal, also other exposures without EMF
Jurewicz J et al. 2014 cross-sectional study men, 22–57 years not stated Poland semen quality mobile phone, mobile communications, also other exposures without EMF
Mahmoudabadi FS et al. 2015 case-control study women, children in utero, 18–35 years not stated Iran spontaneous abortion mobile phone, mobile communications
Meo SA et al. 2015 cross-sectional study children, 12–17 years not stated Saudi Arabia glycated hemoglobin (HbA<sub>1c</sub>) mobile phone base station, mobile communications, residential
Kjellqvist A et al. 2016 cross-sectional study men, women not stated Sweden psychological symptoms (obsessive–compulsive, interpersonal sensitivity, hostility, phobic anxiety, paranoid ideation, psychoticism) and health-related quality of life (vitality, physical functioning, bodily pain, general health perceptions, physical role functioning, emotional role functioning, social role functioning, mental health) mobile phone, mobile communications, PC/TV monitor, other domestic appliance, magnetic field, EMF general
Abad M et al. 2016 cross-sectional study women, 18–35 years not stated Iran abortion mobile phone, mobile phone base station, GSM, UMTS, mobile communications, W-LAN/WiFi, Radio/TV transmitter, TV broadcast (VHF/UHF), FM broadcast (UKW)