Handling of the literature search


The keyword search is used to browse for articles with certain words or set expressions.
Type a keyword or a set expression with quotation marks into the search field. You can choose one of the displayed suggestions. If you want to search for a set expression with more than one word, for example “power line”, set quotation marks for the whole expression.
You can choose whether the search should look for articles containing all of your keywords (AND function) or one of the keywords (OR function).
If your keyword is included in the glossary, it will be translated and synonyms will be added to the search. For example, if you search for “mobile phone”, you will get results with the terms “Handy” or “cell phones”.


The author search refers to the surname and the initials of the first names. The initials are optional.
If you are looking for articles from more than one author, type a comma between the names. The search looks for articles from all the authors with help of the AND function.
For example “Müller, Schmitz TS” finds articles by both authors only.


It is possible to search for the journal name or the abbreviation of the journal, for example “Radiation Research” or “Radiat Res”.


You can choose a certain year or a period in which the articles were published. Separate the years with commas and set a hyphen between the years for a period. Combinations are also possible, for example “2001, 2003”, “2005-2012” or “2001, 2003, 2005-2012”.

Time span

The time span refers to the article's date of entry into the database. Old articles can be found if they have been added only recently.


Articles in the EMF-Portal are assigned one of the following topics:

Frequency range

All publications in the EMF-Portal are classified according to the examined frequency range.

More help

Do you have questions for us? Is the search not performing to your expectations? Do you have any queries that go beyond the scope of this search? Feel free to contact us via email. We are able to process individual requests to provide the best result for you.