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Mobile communications and radio applications

The wireless communication standard WiMAX provides high-speed data access to broadband internet and belongs to the fourth generation of mobile communication systems (4G). Although it has only been initially intended to offer data rates between 30 Mbps - 40 Mbps (Megabits per second), up to 1 Gbps are now possible for fixed stations thanks to the update in 2011. In contrast to the localized WLANs, the range of WiMAX can reach a signal radius of up to 50 km in urban area networks.

There are two different WiMax standards: 1) WiMax fixed and 2) WiMax mobile.
WiMax fixed is employed in the frequency range from 2 GHz - 66 GHz, WiMax mobile only between 2 GHz - 6 GHz. However, the advange of WiMax mobile is that a handover between two radio cells is possible during operation. In contrast to that, there is no handover for WiMax fixed. Yet WiMax fixed enables a connection between a WiMax base station and an according terminal for both non-line-of-sight and line-of-sight.

Frequency ranges:
  • 2–66 GHz
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