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161 kV power tansmission line

Belongs to:
Overhead power transmission line

161 kV overhead cables belong to the extremely high voltage level and are primarily used in Asia, e.g. Taiwan. 161 kV transmission lines are operated with three-phase alternating current.

Frequency ranges:
  • 50–60 Hz
Type of field:
electric and magnetic

Measurements (acc. to literature)

161 kV
Measurand Value Feature Remarks
magnetic flux density 0.99 µT (maximum, measured) Taiwan averaged over 24 h [1]
magnetic flux density 1.13 µT (maximum, measured) Taiwan during an on-the-spot measurement [1]
magnetic flux density 1.14 µT (maximum, measured) Taiwan averaged over 30 min [1]


  1. Ger WJ et al. (2007): Accuracy of short-term residential measurement in the prediction of 72-h exposure to power frequency magnetic field in households very close to high-tension transmission lines.