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Sandwich grill

Belongs to:
Kitchenware and household appliances
Sandwich grill

A sandwich grill is an electrically driven kitchen device for roasting sandwiches. In principle, a sandwichmaker is a hinged heating appliance with non-stick coating surfaces between which two slices of bread are put. The alternating magnetic field at a fundamental frequency of 50 Hz resp. 60 Hz is caused by the heating process of the cooking surfaces.

Frequency ranges:
  • 50–60 Hz
Type of field:
electric and magnetic

Measurements (acc. to literature)

Measurand Value Feature Remarks
magnetic flux density 0.04 µT (mean, calculated) - at a distance of 50 cm [1]


  1. Ainsbury EA et al. (2005): An investigation into the vector ellipticity of extremely low frequency magnetic fields from appliances in UK homes.