Bioelectromagnetics: Special Issue on "Experimental and numerical dosimetry for 5G and 6G"

Posted on Jun 27, 2024

The journal Bioelectromagnetics announces a call for the Special Issue on "Experimental and numerical dosimetry for 5G and 6G".

Fifth generation (5G) and future sixth generation (6G) communication networks will apply current technological trends by utilizing new millimeter wave bands. It is expected that exposure to electromagnetic fields from 5G and 6G wireless communication sources will cause concern amongst public and health authorities about their safety, since they implement new and emerging technologies. Novel numerical/experimental assessment exposure and dosimetry studies are, therefore, needed to provide in-depth knowledge of realistic exposure scenarios to 5G and 6G systems/technologies, e.g., those of beamforming techniques and Advanced Antenna Systems (AAS). Please find more information on the journal website.

Submission deadline is Monday, 30 September 2024.