10/5/17 femu systematic review on effects of static electric fields - part II

The Journal Environmental Research has published a systematic review performed by femu with the title: “Systematic review of biological effects of exposure to static electric fields. Part II: Invertebrates and plants “. The article completes the investigations (part 1 investigated effects on humans and vertebrates) on effects of static electric fields in view of the increasing importance of high-voltage direct-current transmission lines (HVDC) and missing limit values. Based on 33 identified studies, the authors found no evidence for adverse effects of static electric fields at HVDC field levels, but strong indications that invertebrates are able to perceive them. However, corona-action appears to cause adverse biological effects at very high field levels. The study was funded within the framework of the BMBF ResearchCampus Flexible Electrical Networks (FEN).

The article can be found in the EMF-Portal and is available for free download from ScienceDirect.