Study type: Medical/biological study (experimental study)

Combined effects of 50 Hz magnetic field and magnetic nanoparticles on the proliferation and apoptosis of PC12 cells med./bio.

Published in: Biomed Environ Sci 2014; 27 (2): 97-105

Aim of study (acc. to author)

To study the effects of extremely low frequency magnetic fields and magnetic nanoparticles via cytotoxicity and apoptosis assays on PC12 cells.

Background/further details

PC12 cells were treated with magnetic nanoparticles (MNP-SiO2; 0, 20 and 100 µg/ml) with or without magnetic field exposure for 48 h.



Exposure Parameters
Exposure 1: 50 Hz
Exposure duration: continuous for 48 h

Exposure 1

Main characteristics
Frequency 50 Hz
Exposure duration continuous for 48 h
Exposure setup
Exposure source
Chamber cells were seeded in plates with 24 or 6 wells; plates were placed in a 5% CO2 incubator at 37°C
Setup double-wrapped coil system consisting of an alternating power source and two solenoid coils; each solenoid coil was composed of a core cylindrical tube of epoxy resins (inner diameter 200 mm, length 350 mm) and two subcoils with 160 turns each of enamel copper wire (diameter 2.06 mm); solenoid coils were placed into two CO2 incubators; direction of the magnetic field was vertical
Sham exposure A sham exposure was conducted.
Measurand Value Type Method Mass Remarks
magnetic flux density 400 µT effective value - - -

Reference articles

  • Kirschvink JL (1992): Uniform magnetic fields and double-wrapped coil systems: improved techniques for the design of bioelectromagnetic experiments

Exposed system:

Methods Endpoint/measurement parameters/methodology

Investigated system:
Time of investigation:
  • after exposure

Main outcome of study (acc. to author)

The magnetic nanoparticles reduced the cell viability in a dose-dependent manner. The magnetic field exposure also reduced the cell viability with increasing concentrations of the magnetic nanoparticles. The magnetic nanoparticles alone did not cause apoptosis in PC12 cells; however, the proportion of apoptotic cells increased significantly under magnetic field exposure and increasing doses of nanoparticles. The magnetic nanoparticles could be ingested and then cause a slight change in cell morphology.
The authors conclude that combined exposure of magnetic fields and magnetic nanoparticles resulted in remarkable cytotoxicity and increased apoptosis in PC12 cells. The results suggest that magnetic field exposure could strengthen the magnetic field of magnetic nanoparticles, which may enhance the bioeffects of extremely low frequency magnetic fields.

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