Study type: Law/recommendation/guideline

[Influence of high voltage systems on telecommunication systems - Part 1: General, limits, calculation and measurement methods] guideline

Maßnahmen bei Beeinflussung von Telekommunikationsanlagen durch Starkstromanlagen - TeiI 1: Grundlagen, Grenzwerte, Berechnungs- und Messverfahren

German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE (DKE)
2013, DIN VDE 0845-6-1 VDE 0845-6-1:2013-04


Besides calculation and measurement methods this guideline provides limit values for voltages and/or currents which are generated in telecommunication systems by one or more high voltage systems. The frequency range of this guideline includes 0 Hz up to 9 kHz. The fundamental frequencies for the covered alternating current high voltages systems ist 50 Hz for energy supply systems and 16.5 Hz and 50 Hz for train systems. Direct current high voltage systems are also considered.

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