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[Human exposure to radio frequency fields from handheld ...- Human models, instrumentation, and procedures - Part 2... (IEC 62209-2:2010 + Cor.:2010); German version EN 62209-2:2010; DIN EN 62209-2 (VDE 0848-209-2):2011-03]. guideline

Sicherheit von Personen in hochfrequenten Feldern von handgehaltenen ... - Körpermodelle, Messgeräte und Verfahren- Teil 2...(IEC 62209-2:2010 + Cor.:2010); Deutsche Fassung EN 62209-2:2010; DIN EN 62209-2 (VDE 0848-209-2):2011-03.

German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in DIN and VDE (DKE)


The standard comprises the measurement of the specific absorption rate (SAR) for human safety in electromagnetic fields of wireless communication devices in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 6 GHz. It applies for devices used in close proximity to the human body. Examples are mobile phones regarding other use than close to the head (in this case IEC 62209-1 is valid), two-way radios, cameras, video cameras, wireless PDA, headsets, laptops with wireless modules and tablets. Aim of the standard is to define the procedure to proof the compliance with the limit values for the specific absorption rate (SAR) for those devices.

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