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[Exposure to electric or magnetic fields in the low and intermediate frequency range - Methods for calculating the current density and internal electric field induced in the human body - Part 2-1: Exposure to magnetic fields - 2D models (IEC 62226-2-1:2004); German version EN 62226-2-1:2005] guideline

Sicherheit in elektrischen oder magnetischen Feldern im niedrigen und mittleren Frequenzbereich - Verfahren zur Berechnung der induzierten Körperstromdichte und des im menschlichen Körper induzierten elektrischen Feldes - Teil 2-1: Exposition gegenüber magnetischen Feldern - 2D-Modelle (IEC 62226-2-1:2004); Deutsche Fassung EN 62226-2-1:2005

German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE (DKE)
2005, DIN EN 62226-2-1 VDE 0848-226-2-1:2005-09


The standard describes 2D models for evaluation of compliance with basic restrictions for human safety with exposure to low frequency and intermediate frequency electromagnetic fields. It applies to the frequency range for which the exposure limits are based on the induction of voltages or currents in the human body, when exposed to electric and magnetic fields. This frequency range covers the low and intermediate frequencies, up to 100 kHz.
German version of the European standard EN 62226-2-1:2005.

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