Study type: Epidemiological study (observational study)

Etiology of Pituitary Tumors: A Case Control Study epidem.

Published in: Turk Neurosurg 2016; 26 (2): 195-199

Aim of study (acc. to author)

A population-based case control study was conducted in China to investigate potential risk factors (e.g. mobile phone use) for pituitary tumors.

Further details

Remark EMF-Portal: There are no information on exposure assessment of mobile phone use, categorization of exposure groups and group sizes given.

Endpoint/type of risk estimation

Type of risk estimation: (odds ratio (OR))




Case group

Control group

Study size

Cases Controls
Eligible 450 -
Evaluable 204 246
Statistical analysis method: (adjustment: )

Results (acc. to author)

Among other risk factors, an increased risk for pituitary tumors was observed with mobile phone use (OR 7.6, CI 2.6-21.4) and duration of mobile phone use (OR 8.5, CI 2.8-24.4). Further identified risk factors were spicy taste, taking vitamins and characteristics.

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