Study type: Epidemiological study (observational study)

Preterm birth among women living within 600 meters of high voltage overhead Power Lines: a case-control study. epidem.

Published in: Rom J Intern Med 2017; 55 (3): 145-150

Aim of study (acc. to author)

A case-control study was conducted in Iran to investigate whether the risk of spontaneous preterm birth was increased in women living in a distance within 600 m to power lines.

Endpoint/type of risk estimation

Type of risk estimation: (odds ratio (OR))



Exposure groups

Group Description
Reference group 1 distance between maternal residence and power line: ≥ 600 m
Group 2 distance between maternal residence and power line: < 600 m


Case group

Control group

Study size

Cases Controls
Total 155 155
Evaluable 135 150
Statistical analysis method: (adjustment: )

Conclusion (acc. to author)

Overall 20 mothers with preterm birth (14.8%) and 8 mothers of the control group (5.3%) lived within 600 meters of a high voltage power line.
Increased risks for spontaneous preterm birth and birth defect were observed in women who were living in less than 600 meters from high voltage power lines compared to those living in farther distance (OR 3.28, CI 1.37-7.85 and OR 5.05, CI 1.52-16.78, respectively). Newborn death did not differ between those living close to high voltage power lines compared with those living farther than 600 m away during pregnancy.

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