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Water bed

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A water bed has a mattress that is filled with water in contrast to cold-foam or innerspring mattresses. The water is heated for a good night's rest and hold at that temperature. For emptying a mattress, a water pump is used.

Electric and magnetic fields can only arise during the heating process or the draining of water.

Frequency ranges:
  • 50–60 Hz
Type of field:
electric and magnetic

Measurements (acc. to literature)

Measurand Value Feature Remarks
magnetic flux density 0.02 µT (maximum) - typical value since 1990 until today [1]
magnetic flux density 0.05–0.06 µT (maximum) - for heating the water [2]
magnetic flux density 0.45 µT (maximum) - typical value until 1989 [1]


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  2. Delpizzo V (1990): A model to assess personal exposure to ELF magnetic fields from common household sources.