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Mobile communications and radio applications

The TETRA technology comprises both TETRA/BOS and TETRA-POL.
A few crucial distinguishing features are the access type (TDMA for TETRA/BOS, FDMA for TETRA-POL), the number of terminals (1500 for TETRA/BOS, 1800 for TETRA-POL) and traffic channels (31 for TETRA/BOS, 23 for TETRA-POL) per base station as well as the gross bit rate (9 kbit/s for TETRA/BOS, 8 kbit/s for TETRA-POL).
Collquially, TETRA is often used a synonym for TETRA/BOS.

Frequency ranges:
  • 385–390 MHz
  • 395–400 MHz
  • 410–430 MHz
  • 450–470 MHz
  • 870–876 MHz
  • 915–933 MHz
Type of field:
Further distinctions: