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Truck (with combustion engine)

Belongs to:
Vehicle with combustion engine

A truck is a vehicle that is generally driven by a combustion engine.
Magnetic fields occur in three different frequency ranges:
1) in the low-frequency range under 20 Hz
2) in the power frequency range from 50 - 60 Hz
3) in the radiofrequency range.

In the low-frequency range, magnetic fields are primarily caused by the magnetization of the wheels, more precisely by the permanent magnetization in the radial steel bands within the tire.

In the power frequency range, the magnetic field is caused by the alternator and the cables from the alternator to the battery (especially when driving with full headlights), the starter motor and the according cables when switching on the motor, the ABS-system and electric window winders.

Finally, in the radiofrequency range, e.g. Bluetooth applications in the vicinity of the dashboard (e.g. the hands-free-kit) contribute to the total field emission in a car.

Frequency ranges:
  • 50–60 Hz
  • ≤ 20 Hz
Type of field:
electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic

Measurements (acc. to literature)

Measurand Value Feature Remarks
magnetic flux density 0.081 µT (mean, measured) 40 - 1000 Hz (measurement range) mean value out of 5298 different measurement sights from two trucks [1]
magnetic flux density 0.088 µT (mean, measured) 40 - 1000 Hz (measurement range) measured in one truck [1]


  1. Tell RA et al. (2013): ELF magnetic fields in electric and gasoline-powered vehicles.