Digital Audio Broadcasting

  • DAB
  • digital radio
German: Digital Audio Broadcasting
Japanese: デジタル音声放送(DAB)

Communications engineering. A standard for digital audio broadcasting developed in the eighties which can theoretically work in the frequency range 30 MHz to 3 GHz. DAB provides a considerably higher audio quality than analog audio broadcast. The terrestrial version is called T-DAB, the name for the satellite version is S-DAB. In Germany T-DAB uses the frequencies 174 MHz - 230 MHz and in congested urban areas 1.452 GHz - 1.492 GHz. At the moment there are only some single programmes broadcasted with DAB in Germany. A further development of DAB is DAB+ which uses newer methods and is more efficient. Unfortunately DAB+ and DAB receivers are not compatible. DAB is not used in the USA, the standard used there is HD Radio.

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