Study type: Epidemiological study (observational study)

Electroencephalographic, personality, and executive function measures associated with frequent mobile phone use. epidem.

Published in: Int J Neurosci 2007; 117 (9): 1341-1360

Aim of study (acc. to author)

The association between frequent mobile phone use, brain function, and personality was investigated in a pilot study.

Further details

The study participants were divided in three equally sized groups according the extent of mobile phone use based on the measure recent usage intensity: naive group (no mobile phone use), intermediate user group, and heavy user group.
All subjects participated in personality, electroencephalographic, and neuropsychological assessments.

Endpoint/type of risk estimation



Exposure groups

Group Description
Reference group 1 naive mobile phone users
Group 2 intermediate mobile phone users
Group 3 heavy mobile phone users


Study size

Type Value
Total 300
Statistical analysis method:

Conclusion (acc. to author)

The average duration of mobile phone use was 2.4 years among heavy users and 1.8 years among intermediate users.
The findings suggest a subtle slowing of brain activity within normal physiological ranges related to mobile phone use. A relationship between mobile phone use and enhanced executive function was observed. No conclusions can be drawn with respect to adverse health effects or whether these effects reflect an adaptive brain response.

Limitations (acc. to author)

The questionnaire concerning mobile phone use has not been fully validated and gives only a crude indication.

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