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The internet information platform EMF-Portal of the RWTH Aachen University summarizes systematically scientific research data on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF). All information is made available in both English and German. The core of the EMF-Portal is an extensive literature database with an inventory of 35,778 publications and 6,968 summaries of individual scientific studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields.

The EMF-Portal is a project of the femu working group of the Institute for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine of the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen University.

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New publications


  • ICNIRP Mini-Symposium

    Posted on May 20, 2022

    The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is hosting a Mini-Symposium online and in Nagoya, Japan ...

  • Research funding

    Posted on May 4, 2022

    The Swiss Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication (FSM) will award, in 2022, a total amount of CHF 325,000 ...

  • femu publication about human perception of electric fields

    Posted on Mar 7, 2022

    The journal Scientific Reports has published an article by femu and co-authors ...

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