Study type: Epidemiological study (observational study)

Occupational exposures and risk of dementia-related mortality in the prospective Netherlands Cohort Study epidem.

Published in: Am J Ind Med 2015; 58 (6): 625-635

Aim of study (acc. to author)

The association between the occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields, electrical shocks as well as other risk factors and the risk of dementia-related mortality was investigated in the Netherlands Cohort Study. Furthermore, the effects of combined exposure to these occupational agents were studied.

Further details

Following a case-cohort approach, a randomly selected subcohort (n=5000) was drawn.

Endpoint/type of risk estimation

Type of risk estimation: (hazard ratio)



Exposure groups

Group Description
Reference group 1 magnetic field exposure: background
Group 2 magnetic field exposure: low
Group 3 magnetic field exposure: high
Reference group 4 magnetic field exposure: background
Group 5 magnetic field exposure: 1st terzile
Group 6 magnetic field exposure: 2nd terzile
Group 7 magnetic field exposure: 3rd terzile
Reference group 8 electric shock risk: background
Group 9 electric shock risk: low
Group 10 electric shock risk: high


Study size

Type Value
Total 120,852

17.3 years of follow-up

Statistical analysis method: (adjustment: )

Results (acc. to author)

A statistically non-significant association between high occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields and dementia-related mortality was observed in men (OR 1.40, CI 0.92-2.14), but not with cumulative occupational exposure.
A significant association between electrical shocks and dementia-related mortality in women was found (OR 11.11, CI 3.84-32.16). However, this association was only observed among women, and the number of high exposed female cases was very low (approximately 1 % of all female cases). Hence this observation should be interpreted with caution.
The authors conclude that there is only limited support for a possible association between occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields and non-vascular dementia.

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