Differentially Bi-Orthogonal Chirp Spread Spectrum

German: Differentially Bi-Orthogonal Chirp Spread Spectrum
Japanese: 差分的陪直交チャープスペクトラム拡散

Communications engineering.

An advancement of Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS), where the Chirp pulses are combined with DBPSK (Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying) or DQPSK (Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying).

Four Chirp patterns are applied, each consisting of 4 Chirp pulses (sub-Chirps). The phase shift between the sub-Chirps of consecutive patterns contains the information that is to be transmitted. As interferences change the patterns more or less equally the relative phase difference between the sub-Chirps remains constant, resulting in a high interference resistance.

DBO-CSS was developed for the use in industrial ambience with high interference potential, i.e. the control of manufacturing processes, active RFID. DBO-CSS is defined in IEEE 802.15.4a. Due to its similarity to DSSS it can be integrated into networks working with DSSS.

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