Study type: Medical/biological study (experimental study)

Effect of 50 Hz electromagnetic fields on Alpha amylase activity. med./bio.

Published in: Romanian J Biophys 2008; 18 (3): 255-263

Aim of study (acc. to author)

To investigate the effect of exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields on the enzyme activity of the alpha amylase.

Background/further details

The enzyme activity was examined under different conditions: 1.) no treatments, 2.) magnetic field exposure, 3.) variations of pH value, 4.) variations of pH value + magnetic field exposure, 5.) variations of temperature and 6.) variations of temperature + magnetic field exposure.



Exposure Parameters
Exposure 1: 50 Hz
Exposure duration: continuous for 20 min

Exposure 1

Main characteristics
Frequency 50 Hz
Exposure duration continuous for 20 min
Exposure setup
Exposure source
Setup pair of Helmholtz coils mounted on a wooden frame 7 cm apart with a PVC test tube stand to hold the samples in the center; each coil with an inner radius of 7 cm, an outer radius of 10 cm and 500 turns of copper wire with a diameter of 0.25 mm
Sham exposure A sham exposure was conducted.
Measurand Value Type Method Mass Remarks
magnetic flux density 0.53 mT effective value measured - -

Exposed system:

Methods Endpoint/measurement parameters/methodology

Investigated system:
Time of investigation:
  • after exposure

Main outcome of study (acc. to author)

In exposed samples (group 2), the enzyme activity was 50% higher when compared to the unexposed samples (group 1). Magnetic field exposure alone (group 2) led to a significantly increased Michaelis-Menten constant and a significantly increased maximum reaction velocity compared to the samples without treatment (group 1). No significant differences were observed for the optimal pH value (group 4 compared to group 3) and for the optimal temperature (group 6 compared to group 5) between exposed and unexposed samples.
The authors conclude that exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields increased the enzyme activity of the alpha amylase.

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