Study type: Epidemiological study (observational study)

Sperm DNA damage - the effect of stress and everyday life factors epidem.

Published in: Int J Impot Res 2016; 28 (4): 148-154

Aim of study (acc. to author)

A study was conducted in Poland to examine the association between severals factors (e.g. age, BMI, mobile phone use, smoking, occupational and life stress) and male sperm DNA damage measures.

Further details

Sperm DNA damage was assessed by DNA fragmentation index and DNA stainability index (percentage of immature sperms).
Remark EMF-Portal: It is not clear which aspects (calling time, playing games or texting, usual location of the device while talking and carrying) should be investigated.

Endpoint/type of risk estimation

Type of risk estimation:



Exposure groups

Group Description
Reference group 1 mobile phone use: 0 - 5 years
Group 2 mobile phone use: 6 - 10 years
Group 3 mobile phone use: 11 - 25 years


Study size

Type Value
Total 344
Evaluable 286
Statistical analysis method: ( adjustment: )

Results (acc. to author)

A significant association between mobile phone use for more than 10 years as well as obesity and the percentage of immature sperms was observed. Higher levels occupational stress and age increased the DNA fragmentation index.
The authors concluded that stress, age and lifestyle factors such as obesity and mobile phone use may affect sperm DNA damage.

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