Study type: Epidemiological study (observational study)

Reported functional impairments of electrohypersensitive Japanese: A questionnaire survey epidem.

Published in: Pathophysiology 2012; 19 (2): 95-100

Aim of study (acc. to author)

A survey was conducted in Japan to examine the subjective symptoms reported by persons complaining of electrosensitivity and possible electromagnetic field sources that could cause their symptoms.

Endpoint/type of risk estimation




Study size

Type Value
Participants 83
Evaluable 75

Results (acc. to author)

34 out of 75 persons (45.3%) reported a medically diagnosed electrosensitivity, 37 persons (49.3%) were self-diagnosed as electrosensitive. 37 persons (49.3%) had a medically diagnosed multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and 20 subjects (26.7%) reported self-diagnosed MCS.
The most common reported subjective complaints were fatigue (85%), headache (81%), concentration difficulty (81%), and sleep disorders (76%). The most common suspected sources causing electrosensitivity were mobile phone base stations (71%), other persons' mobile phones (64%), personal computers (63%), power lines (60%) and TV (56%).

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