Study type: Epidemiological study

Mobile phone use and glioma risk: A systematic review and meta-analysis epidem.

Published in: PLoS One 2017; 12 (5): e0175136

Aim of study (acc. to author)

The association between the mobile phone use and glioma risk was investigated in a meta-analysis.

Further details

Following 11 studies were included: Inskip et al. 2001, Christensen et al. 2005, Lönn et al. 2005, Hepworth et al. 2006, Schüz et al. 2006, Klaeboe et al. 2007, Lahkola et al. 2007, Takebayashi et al. 2008, Hardell et al. 2011, Coureau et al. 2014 and Yoon et al. 2015.

Endpoint/type of risk estimation

Type of risk estimation: (odds ratio (OR))



Study size

Type Value
Total 17,516

6,028 cases and 11,488 controls

Statistical analysis method:

Results (acc. to author)

No association between mobile phone use and glioma risk was observed across the total study population. However, an increased glioma risk was found for mobile phone use for ≥ 10 years (OR 1.44, CI 1.08-1.91) and for long-term ipsilateral mobile phone use (OR 1.46, CI 1.12-1.92). A subgroup analysis according to the glioma grade showed an increased risk for low-grade glioma for long-term use (OR 2.22, CI 1.69-2.92), however not for high-grade glioma. Contralateral mobile phone use was not associated with glioma regardless of the duration of use.
The authors conclude that long-term mobile phone use may be associated with an increased risk of glioma.

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