Study type: Medical/biological study (experimental study)

Development of preimplantation mouse embryos after exposure to a 50 Hz magnetic field in vitro. med./bio.

Published in: Toxicol Lett 2001; 122 (2): 149-155

Aim of study (acc. to author)

To investigate the effects of a magnetic field exposure on the development of mouse embryos in vitro.



Exposure Parameters
Exposure 1: 50 Hz
Modulation type: CW
Exposure duration: from 8 h after ovulation to blastocyst stage

Exposure 1

Main characteristics
Frequency 50 Hz
Exposure duration from 8 h after ovulation to blastocyst stage
Modulation type CW
Exposure setup
Exposure source
  • 3 vertically parallel aluminium plates (400x40mm), connected to each other by wire
Setup petri dishes located between the plates
Sham exposure A sham exposure was conducted.
Measurand Value Type Method Mass Remarks
magnetic flux density 13 µT effective value measured - -
magnetic flux density 36 µT peak-to-peak value measured - -
magnetic field strength 10 A/m effective value measured - -
magnetic field strength 28 A/m peak-to-peak value measured - -

Methods Endpoint/measurement parameters/methodology

Investigated system:
Time of investigation:
  • during exposure
  • after exposure

Main outcome of study (acc. to author)

Magnetic field exposure had no significantly adverse effects on the development of the mouse embryos up to the blastocyst stage in vitro.

Study character:

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